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  • Faisal Abdulla Fouad & Partners Co. Ltd. (FAISALCO)

    High Quality Pipeline Solutions

    Established: 1999, Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


    About Us

    FAISALCO is the exclusive supplier and installation contractor for the patented Positive Seal Coupling mechanical joint system for pipeline construction in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.


    Over the years FAISALCO has successfully completed several prestigious pipeline projects across the Kingdom, including upstream north & south pipeline projects at Khurais, which was one of the largest projects of its kind in the Kingdom. In May 2007 FAISALCO, was awarded Moody International certification.


    Geographic Spread

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Middle East and Asia

    Products & Services

    • Metallic pipe joining methods used for high pressure water injection, wastewater disposal pipelines and oil flowlines
    • Solutions for onshore and offshore internally coated pipeline construction

    Our Clients

    • Al Bader Establishment
    • Ahmed M. Faraj Establishment
    • Al-Robaya Establishment
    • Bin Quraya Establishment
    • Br. C.A.T. Internal Co. Ltd. (CAT)
    • Faysal M. Qahtani & Sons Co.
    • Jetair International (a division of MITI)
    • M.A.C.E.
    • M.A. Al-Kawari Establishment
    • Metal Services for Trading
    • Mohammed Al-Bargash Al Mansouri & Sons Trading Co.
    • Mohammed Al-Marae Modern Establishment
    • Mohammed Faleh Al-Hajri Cont. Est.
    • Petrojet
    • R.H. Al-Marri Establishment
    • Salim Al-Joaib & Partners Co.
    • Salim Abdullah Sheban Est.



    ISO 9001:2008 certified (Quality Management System applicable to installation and supply of pipeline coupling systems). The certification of registration comes through Intertek:


    • Certificate no: 04-8-07-QMS 0014
    • Certificate issue date: 06 March 2014
    • Certificate expiry date: 05 March 2017
    • Moody International certificate No: 04B-07QMS-0014

    Contact Info

    Head Office

    2nd Industrial Estate, Al-Kharj St., Madinah Munawwar Road.

    P.O. Box 257, Dammam 31411, KSA

    Tel: (+966 13) 804 7910

    Fax: (+966 13) 804 79 51