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  • Abdulla Fouad Company for Public Auctions

    Finding Value in the Secondary Market

    About Us


    Abdulla Fouad Company for Public Auctions offers businesses a full range of Auctioneer Services, from evaluation and appraisal of equipment’s to advertising and sourcing of potential buyers. As the premier Auctioneer in the region, it helps organizations recoup a fair portion of the original cost of their assets. Attracting both local and international buyers, its auctions are one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of liquidating surplus equipment and supplies in the GCC, helping companies reduce liabilities, financing, and overhead costs.


    Formed as a joint venture in 1977 in response to the surging demand by companies for an outlet for sales of used equipment, the operation became a wholly owned subsidiary of AFG in 1986. Its permanent, purpose-built facility at the AFIA yard in Dammam, sees 12 to 15 public auctions conducted each year. AFIA also arranges auctions at Clients doorstep upon request.


    Geographic Spread

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC




    • Auctions are the Most EFFICIENT fastest and COST-EFFECTIVE method of liquidating surplus Equipment’s and Materials supplies sale.
    • REDUCE LIABILITIES because assets are sold without warranty or guarantee on “As is Where is bases” Sale.
    • REDUCE INTEREST & OVERHEAD COST because items are sold for immediate payment.
    • Expose the merchandise to a VAST number of local and international buyers who are invited through many types of advertisement platforms, this produces more purchasers, and INCREASE THE RATE OF RETURN by creating healthy open competition among buyers.
    • Auctions RESULT in the sale of every item.


    Products & Services

    • Auction services:
    • Sale Through Open Public Auction
    • Sale Through Video Show
    • Sale By Sealed Bid Evaluation
    • Appraisal
    • Marketing

    Our Clients

    Government & Semi Government

    • Ministry of Defense & Civil Aviation - Dammam / Riyadh / Jeddah
    • Saudi Aramco Co.
    • SABIC & Its Affiliates
    • Royal Commission - Jubail & Yanbu
    • King Fahd Causeway Authority - Bahrain Bridge
    • King Abdulaziz Airbase- Dharan / Riyadh / Al-Kharj
    • Saudi Railways Organization
    • Saudi Consolidated Electric Company (Eastern, Central & Western)
    • United States Government US Army Auctions Consolidated Sales at Kuwait & Bahrain


    Private Sector

    • Sadara Chemical Co. - Jubail
    • Saudi Chevron Philips Co. - Jubail
    • Arabian Geophysical & Surveying Co. (ARGAS) - Jubail
    • Saudi Aramco Nabors Drilling Co (SANAD) - Jubail
    • Arabian Drilling Co - Jubail
    • JANA Co. - Jubail
    • Sahara International Petrochemical Co (SIPCHEM) - Jubail
    • Schlumberger Co Ltd. - Jubail
    • A.A. Al-Khodari Sons Co.
    • Rashed Transport Co
    • Saneel Contracting Co
    • Ali M. AlAjinah Trad & Cont. Co.
    • Armored Vehicles & Heavy Equipment Factory
    • Infath Procurement Co.
    • AlJuffali Industrial Product Co (JIPCO)
    • Faisal Mohammed Al Qahtani Co. (FMQ)
    • Al Majdouie Group
    • Saudi National Est. (Abdulla Al Shurei)
    • Al Yamamah Contracting Co.
    • Consolidated Contractors Co. (CCC)
    • Gulf Consolidated Contractors Co. (GCC)



    • ISO 9001:2015 Certification No: QBF42820 Certified by Q.A. International

    Contact Info

    Head Office

    P.O. Box 257, Dammam 31411

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Tel: (+966 13) 817 7750

    Fax: (+966 13) 817 4224


    Central Province

    P.O.Box 60001, Riyadh 11545

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Tel: (+966 11) 476 7777

    Fax: (+966 11) 478 6444


    Western Province

    P.O.Box 13539, Jeddah 21414

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Tel: (+966 12) 2632990

    Fax: (+966 12) 2632159