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  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Since its inception more than 75 years ago, AFG has been a leader in actively partnering with the local communities and contributing to their development. Today it runs a sophisticated Corporate Social Responsibility program that helps the disadvantaged improve their lives, while nurturing talent and building skills that benefit society as a whole. Combining the personal ethics of its late founder, Sheikh Abdulla Fouad, with Islamic values and the best of the Kingdom’s local traditions, AFG supports a range of Saudi and international charity organizations and causes.


    Stemming from its deep-rooted belief that education is the key to a better future, AFG offers a college scholarship program that gives outstanding students the opportunity to study at the world’s top universities. It also supports students locally, building schools and donating to various educational activities all year round.


    AFG gives regularly to institutions for the disabled in Saudi Arabia, providing them with the latest equipment and technologies to help them improve their livelihoods and become more productive members of society. Patients with debilitating diseases and medical conditions also receive continuous support from AFG through paid treatments, therapy, and rehabilitation, and through regular donations of equipment and medication to concerned associations and charities.


    AFG believes that all members of society are important and deserving of support. It works tirelessly with organizations seeking greater women’s empowerment, providing funding to programs that support their education, and help them develop new skills and provide for their families.



    Contact Info

    Head Office

    P.O. Box 257, Dammam 31411

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Tel: (+966) 92001 2100

    Fax: (+966 13) 810 2100


    Central Province

    P.O. Box 60001, Riyadh 11545

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Tel: (+966 11) 476 7777

    Fax:(+966 11) 478 6444


    Western Province

    P.O. Box 13539, Jeddah 21414

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Tel: (+966 12) 2632990

    Fax: (+966 12) 2632159