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Vision: We aim to be a highly reputable, profitable and trusted company through transparency. This can all be achieved through quality oriented business and by strengthening our employees’ knowledge, exceeding customer satisfaction and building strong relationships with partners and customers.

Mission: To become one of the top Medical and Diagnostics Supplies companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by maintaining our high quality products and services and going beyond product line limitations.

With a firm commitment to advancing the healthcare industry in the Kingdom, the Abdulla Fouad Group has established a unique Medical Supplies Division dealing with almost all the disciplines of Healthcare, Diagnostic, Rehabilitation, Radio-pharmaceuticals, Sanitation and Medical Consumables & Supplies.

The Division is one of the leading suppliers representing many renowned manufacturers of state of the art medical equipment, health related supplies and diagnostic products. The Division specializes in handling radioactive material, and is one of the few companies authorized to transport such material throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Over the last three decades the Division has been providing efficient services to customers at all times, through experienced & well qualified professional teams of sales, technical and biomedical engineers, covering training programs or demonstrating new equipment at its training center in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

The Medical Supplies Division for today and the future is firmly committed to provide better healthcare. 

We are uniquely positioned in the marketplace because Abdulla Fouad Medical brings a distinctive combination of expertise in the diagnostic, radio-pharmaceuticals, rehabilitation and other healthcare supplies, coupled with a strong commitment to innovation. Consequently, Abdulla Fouad Medical will deliver the future of technology and lead the revolution in innovative supplies.

For further information please send us an e-mail at: msd@abdulla-fouad.com


The Abdulla Fouad Medical Supplies Division is one of the leading suppliers representing many renowned manufacturers of state of the art medical equipment and diagnostic products including Radio pharmaceuticals. The Medical Supplies Division specializes in handling radioactive materials, and is one of the few companies authorized to transport such materials throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Medical Supplies Division for the future is firmly committed to providing better health care through participation to all major tenders & the ministry of health, Gulf State council and other health care facilities such as GPPRR traders for KFSH & RC and NGHA. Our division also manages direct sales to all relevant sectors in addition to health care by a team of professional sales representatives.
The Division has three offices, Head Office in Dammam, Regional Offices in Jeddah and Riyadh. All three offices have a total staff of more than 80.

After Sales Support: There are Nine (9) well-trained service engineers reporting directly the Service Manager and each sector has a well-equipped Bio-Medical Workshop. There are four (4) Product Specialists to provide hands on training and trouble-shoot customer’s problems.
Distribution: The Division is exceptionally well organized in this field. Distribution of Radio Isotope, Diagnostic Reagents including immunoassay products, clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostics, blood banks, hematology & coagalization, clinical laboratory supplies, and Isotope Generators with a very short T1/2 life, which demands a fast and efficient distribution on routine basis. 

For further information please send us an e-mail at:

Please click on the unit titles for more detailed information:


• Radiopharmaceuticals
• Scanning kits
• Imaging supplies and accessories
• Radiation detection equipment

• Import & export of radioactive products
• Inland transportation of radioactive sources

Abdulla Fouad Medical Supplies Division has been the supplier of choice in Saudi Arabia since 1984 for radioactive pharmaceuticals, technetium generators, scanning kits and radiation protection products. Abdulla Fouad was the first company to market radioactive materials and the first licensed distributor of radioactive materials in Saudi Arabia.



• Infection control
• Rehab. & Physiotherapy
• Medical & Surgical Instruments
• Nursing Supplies
• Respiratory Care
• Hospital Furniture
• Disposable and Consumable products

The recently formed General business unit caters to the health care sector of Saudi Arabia with allied / general medical related products. We focus on excellent quality and value for money.


We distribute following products to our customers:

• Hematology Cell Counter
• Blood Shaker
• Blood Mixer/Balance
• ESR Machine
• Automated Microbial Identification system
• Automated Blood Grouping system
• Coagulation system
• In Line Filter Blood Bags for transfusions

We offer top quality products related to Blood Transfusions. These products are sourced from highly reputable multinational companies and are sold to Diagnostic Labs & Blood Banks throughout Saudi Arabia.



• Fully and Semi Automated Chemistry Analyzers
• HPLC Analyzers
• ISE systems for detection of ions and gases
• Special Chemistry Reagents
• Antibodies for research use

We offer instruments, solutions and consumables needed to evaluate the physiologically important substances found in blood, urine, tissues, and other biological fluids for the purpose of aiding the physician in diagnosis or therapy.

Our, economically and environmentally studied, reagents and supplies provide accurate and precise results, allowing physicians to diagnose the actual disease within minimal time.



• Genomic DNA Preparation
• Plasmid DNA Purification
• DNA Clean Up and Normalization
• RNA Sample Technologies
• Transfection Technologies
• Assay Technologies
• RNAi Solutions
• PCR Technologies
• Protein Technologies
• Micro Array Technologies
• Automation Technologies
• Infectious Disease Diagnosis (Full Automation)
• Liquid Handling Solutions

Molecular Business Unit’s basic function is to provide researchers and clinical specialist with novel technologies and solutions to better understand human diseases and disorders.

One of our key goals is to support clinical decision-making and transforming patient healthcare with superior diagnostic solutions, point of care testing, faster development and more effective methods for preventing and treating specific diseases.

Molecular business unit is specialized and has expertise in dedicated disciplines such as Molecular diagnostics, Virus research, Human Identity, Forensics and Paternity Testing, Food and Veterinary Testing, Micro Arrays, Next Generation Sequencing, Genetic Analysis, Epigenetic and Cancer Research, Gene Expression Analysis etc.





With a firm commitment to advancing the healthcare industry in the Kingdom, the Abdulla Fouad Group has established a special Medical Supplies Division dealing with all the disciples of Diagnostic lines.

Saudi Aramco Health Services    
Ministry of Health    
National Guard Hospitals in Riyadh, Jeddah, Hofouf and Dammam    
Ministry of Defense & Aviation | Ministry of Interior Hospitals in all regions    
King Faisal Specialist Hospitals-Riyadh and Jeddah
All Teaching and university Hospitals    
All Government and Semi-government Hospitals    
Private Sector Companies & Research Institutes    
Forensic laboratories under the Ministry of Interior    
All leading private sector Hospitals    

Head Office Riyadh Branch Office
  Eastern Province:
Mohammad AlHariri
Regional Supervisor
P.O.Box 257; Dammam 31411
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: (+966 13) 8101812
Fax: (+966 13) 8101644
Email: mohammed.alhariri@abdulla-fouad.com

  Central Province:
Mr. Mohamad Zaghra
Regional Manager
P.O.Box.60001; Riyadh 11545
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: (+966 11) 476 7777 Ext: 9933
Fax:(+966 11) 477 0859
E-mail : mohamad.zaghra@abdulla-fouad.com
  Western Province:  
  Mr. Monther Qahwaji
Regional Manager
P.O.Box. 13539
Jeddah 21414
Tel: (+966 12) 6394455 Ext: 5202
Fax: (+966 12) 6396725
E-mail: monther.qahwaji@abdulla-fouad.com

Mr. Asem Manasra
Business Development Manager
Tel: (+966 11) 476 7777 Ext: 9966
Fax:(+966 11) 477 0859
E-mail: asem.manasra@abdulla-fouad.com

Mr. Hussein Fares
General Manager
Direct Tel: (+966 13) 8101818
E-mail: hussein.fares@abdulla-fouad.com



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